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Magic FLS0.5M - Full Flex SW Master PackageMagic FLS0.5M - Full Flex SW Master Package
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AUTEL MaxiSys UltraAUTEL MaxiSys Ultra
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    XTOOL Anyscan A30M for iOS/Android Bi-Directional Scan Tool
    XTOOL Anyscan A30M for iOS/Android Bi-Directional Scan Tool
    XTOOL Anyscan A30M for iOS/Android Bi-Directional Scan Tool
    XTOOL Anyscan A30M for iOS/Android Bi-Directional Scan Tool

    XTOOL Anyscan A30M for iOS/Android Bi-Directional Scan Tool

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    950,00 AED

    XTOOL Anyscan A30M Wireless BT OBD2 Scanner

    * Portable Car Service Tool with 21+ Maintenance Services]

    * Support IOS / Android 

    * Update LifeTime
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    EU3234363840424446USXX5XSSMLXLXXLXXLArm Length6161,56262,56363,56464,5Bust Circumference8084889296101106111Waist Girth6165697377828792Hip Circumference87919599103108113118

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    XTOOL Anyscan A30M Wireless BT OBD2 Scanner

    XTOOL Anyscan A30M Wireless OBD2 Scanner for iOS/Android Bi-Directional Scan Tool with OE-Level Upgraded Ver. of XTOOL A30, A30D

    Top Reasons to get XTOOL A30M

    [Bi-Directional Control/Active Tests]➤XTOOL A30M is a bi-directional OBDII scan tool that can send commands to the vehicle ECU to perform active tests to control various vehicle parts and subsystems to detect their working status, like fuel pump, fuel injector, A/C Clutch, window, door, sunroof, etc. That’s helpful for DIYers to shorten troubleshooting and repair time.

    [Portable Car Service Tool with 21+ Maintenance Services]➤The scheduled vehicle maintenance can keep your vehicle in good shape and save you a lot of money by reducing trips to the dealership. XTOOL A30M features with commonly-used reset functions, such as Oil Reset, EPB, SAS, DPF, ABS Bleed, Throttle Relearn and Injector Coding. Note: Services do not work on all vehicles. Kindly send the VIN and required function to xtoolofficial @ hotmail . com to check compatibility before purchase.

    [OE-Level Full System Diagnostic Scan Tool]➤ XTOOL A30M wireless obd2 adapter scanner can be used to read ECU information of all available systems to facilitate the vehicle diagnosis, providing you with accurate results across all automotive systems. The complete systems vary from vehicle, usually include Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, AC, Fuel systems and much more, it has complete capabilities, like active tests, read/clear codes, live data and ECU Information, matching, etc.

    [Wireless BT Connection for Android/iOS]➤XTOOL A30M provides fast and stable wireless diagnosis, no longer being bound by cables, and provides you with high mobility up to 30 feet. It is an ideal automotive diagnostic tool for people who want to diagnose their vehicles wirelessly. Support both iOS and Android platforms and it can work on more than 80+ US domestic, European, and Asian makes and models, provide you with more diagnostic options you could need by BT connectivity with the smartphone.

    [One-Click Quick Updates without Any Charge]➤XTOOL A30M is a great option for car owners, DIYers, car enthusiasts, because the application is free to update for life. One time payment lifetime subscription, you can use the application to click on the vehicle menu and perform service functions at will, you don’t need to pay for every vehicle menu and every reset function, It is a truly cost-effective obd2 diagnostic scanner.

    A30M Functions

    1.Read fault Codes For All System ,such as ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, IMM, BMS, TPMS, SAS, Fuel System, Light System, Wiper System, etc

    2. Bi-Directional/Active Test + Adaptation + Matching

    3. Full OBD II and EOBD functions

    4. 21 Maintenance Functions+Auto VIN Scan Tool

    5. Support 115 vehicle brands

    6. Live Data Stream Graphing + Data Record+Remote Diagnostic Car Scanner

    7. Vehicle owner community

    8. Compatible with both Android / iOS handsets and tablets

    9. Palm-sized, portable, and powerful

    10.No area and Car model Limited

    11.Read Voltage of car power supply

    12.Easy Find OBD2 interface with light

    A30M OE-Level Full System Diagnostics
    xtool anyscan a30m
    XTOOL A30M is an upgraded obd2 adapter dongle that can access all available vehicle modules to perform comprehensive diagnostics that you can previously find only in advanced diagnostic tablets.

    Anyscan A30M Full OBDII Function

    This diagnostic software can test vehicle Engine systems.All models with engine meeting SAE J1850,ISO9241-2,ISO14230-4,ISO15765 Standard in OBD2&EOBD.
    *View freeze frame date
    *support graph data stream
    *O2 Sensor test
    *Evap system test
    *On-Board monitor test
    *Read & Clear DTCs
    *Identify VIN information
    *DTC code look up
    *Turn off MIL(Malfunction Indicator Lights)
    *I/M Readiness status test

    Bi-Directional Control/Active Test

    Bidirectional Control (Also referred to as active test)is becoming more of an issue when dealing with non-engine control systems, antilock brakes (ABS), supplemental restraint systems (SRS), body control systems and the like, if you want to ensure all the information is available, you need a bidirectional scan tool.
    A30M bidirectional OBDII scan tool allows you to receive information and send commands to control various car components to perform active tests like Injector Buzz Test (for Ford), EVAP test, cycling ABS Motor Pump, Cycling A/C Clutch On/Off and etc.
    xtool anyscan a30m
    Active Test:

    This A30 full system obd2 scanner request information or command a module to perform specific tests and functions. For instance, in the case of OBD II generic information Mode 1, you can initiate a request for information from the powertrain control module, and the PCM responds by sending the information back to the scan tool for display.

    21+Special Functions:
    xtool anyscan a30m

    • Oil Reset: Perform reset for a new calculation of engine oil life system once changed the oil.
    • EPB Reset: Reset the calipers, brake discs or pads after the electronic parking brake system is repaired.
    • BMS Reset: Reset after replacing the battery to clear the low battery fault information of the original battery and protect the new battery.
    • DPF Regeneration: Clear PM from the DPF filter through oxidation or combustion to stabilize the filter performance.
    • Injector Coding: Code a new injector to better identify injectors to accurately control fuel injection.
    • ABS Bleeding: Bleed the air out of the ABS system for firm brake pedals.
    • SAS Adjustment: Clear the fault steering angle sensor memories, perform reset steering angle sensor, and turn off steering wheel warning light.
    • Airbag Repair: After replacing the Airbag, reset the Airbag data and clear the collision data.
    • Throttle Relearn: Reset the throttle actuators to accurately regulate throttle (or idle engine) operations, helps keep your idling and acceleration smooth.

    Also including TPMS Reset, Air Suspension, Gear Learning(Crankshaft Relearn), Gearbox(Transmission) Matching, Headlight Adjustment, Window Initialization, Seat Configurations, Cylinder, Electronic Pump Activation, Disable Transportation, Tire Refit are all available.

    Kindly Note: Special Functions do NOT work on all cars. Please come to us with the VIN Number, vehicle Make/Model/Year to check compatibility before purchase.

    Auto VIN Scan
    xtool anyscan a30m
    The A30M diagnostic system features the latest VIN-Based Auto VIN Scan function to identify vehicles and scan all the diagnosable ECUs and run diagnostics on the selected system. This function is compatible with 2006 and newer vehicles.

    xtool anyscan a30m language
    Support 8 Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian. (Please leave the S/N of machine to authorize the language you want after you receive it.)

    flashlight settings

    A30 can automatically recognize the voltage of the car power supply, and there is a light button on the side of A30, which is convenient for finding OBD2 interface and working in dark places.

    xtool anyscan a30m

    Xtool Anyscan A30M Vehicle List


    For Audi,For Skoda,For EurFORD,For Opel,For Bugatti BenzTRANSP,For Lamborghini,For Bentley,For SEAT,For MINI,For ROLLS,For For BMW ,For SMART,For VAUXHALL,For PORSCHE For JAGUAR,For Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge,For MAYBACH,For LANDROVER,For BENZ,For DACIA,For CITROEN,For RENAULT,For VOLVO,For PEUGEOT,For VW








    Easy-to-Use & Free APP Download

    1. Download and install the APP

    For iOS - Download the "Anyscan" App from App Store
    For Android - Download the '' Anyscan" APP from Google Play or Official Website(Support- Download APP- Anyscan)

    2. Bind and activate the dongle in the APP
    Please find out S/N and activation code on the quality certificate.

    3. Plug the A30M interface adapter into OBD2 Port

    4. Click for BT setting on APP / smart device and pairing with A30M

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    XTOOL Anyscan A30M for iOS/Android Bi-Directional Scan Tool

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    XTOOL Anyscan A30M for iOS/Android Bi-Directional Scan Tool

    XTOOL Anyscan A30M for iOS/Android Bi-Directional Scan Tool

    950,00 AED