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    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device
    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device
    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device
    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device
    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device
    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device
    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device
    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device

    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device

    (Review 0)

    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device

    V6.2.0.0 CG100 PROG III Auto Computer Programmer Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS

    Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLAS

    pre-included languages :Chinese, English

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    EU3234363840424446USXX5XSSMLXLXXLXXLArm Length6161,56262,56363,56464,5Bust Circumference8084889296101106111Waist Girth6165697377828792Hip Circumference87919599103108113118

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    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLAS

    Product Description:

    This Weight Product: 820g

    CGDI CG100 Specs:

    Manufacturer: CGDI
    Condition: New

    Language: English Only

    CG100 PROG III Full Version Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLASH
    CG100 PROG III's functions including airbag repairing, instrument calibration, car body computer repairing, car amplifier computer repair etc, support operatea RENESAS, Infineon, ST,MOTOROLA, ATMEGA, NEC, AM28BL802CB and other different chips. Full-featured version of CG-100 with adapter that support to write LandRover key and BMW Key. Support BMW, Volkswagen, Bentley engine computer repairing and replacement, support for domestic MT80, MT60 engine computer repairing and replacement.

    CG100 PROG III Full Version Highlights:

    1. Including All Function of Renesas SRS
    2. Support read and write EEPROM, support non-secure BMW DDME ECU microcontroller.
    3. CG100 PROG III with built-in calculator, support calculate ISN, VIN and program CRC EEPROM
    4. CG100 PROG III now support CAS3 CAS3+CAS4 CAS4+ Key Programming
    5. CG100 PROG III can splite the quality for CAS Data
    6. With CG100 ATMEGA Adapter in package.
      CG100 ATMEGA Adapter for CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices with 35080 EEPROM and 8pin Chip reading and writing
    7. Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP/WIN7/WIN8/32bit/64bit

    The ATM Adapter Suppports:

    35080: M35080DQ080, M35080DQ160, M35080 3/6, M35080 V6 / VP (5 seconds to adjust mileage: directly read and write)
    ATMEGA Parallel: MEGA8L, MEGA48, MEGA88 (can erase the second-hand ATMEGA8L for re-use) MEGA16, MEGA32, MEGA169
    24 Series: 24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64 24C128 (read and write)
    93 Series: 93c46 93c56 93c57 93C66 93c76 93c86 (read and write)
    25 Series: 25010 25020 25040 25080 25160 25320 25640 25128 25256 (read and write)
    95 Series: 95010 95020 95040 95080 95160 95320 95640 95128 95256 95512 (read and write)

    Add 9S08GL16 CPU Parallel FLASH:

    AMD: AM29BL802D (can erase the FAW REIZ MT34 immobilizer)

    1. Support and Adoption: Renesas

    R5F61797, RF61725, R5F61723, R5F61721, the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Toyota, Honda, Subaru

    2. Support and Adoption:

    64A-72F,XC2364A-104F,XC2365A-56F,XC2365A-72F,XC2365A-104F,XC2361B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2363B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2364B-24F,XC2364B-40F,XC2365B-24F,XC2365B-40F,the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, GM.20seconds of read and write.this speed supported is exclusive in the wordwide.

    3.Support and Adoption: Freescale

    MPC5604P(0M26V)(1M36W)the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Honda

    4. Support and Adoption: ST

    SPC560 the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Volkswagen

    5. Support and Adoption: CPU

    ATMEGA169, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA16, ATMEGA8, ATMEGA88, ATMEGA48. The instrument model tune number of kilometers

    CG100 PROG III Update Policy:

    1. Update Online Free for One Year (from the day you buy device).
    2. If you don't want to pay update cost, your device can still work with the old version.
    3. Please update device to V6.0.0.0 first, then can use newer version.

    CG100 PROG III Update information:

    CG100 PROG III Latest Version V6.5.1.0 (2022.03.03), Free Download

    1. Fixed the problem that the fault code cannot be cleared after TMS570LS1113 is read and written.
    2. Added 141 chips to Programer.
    3. Added 77 models to dashboard.
    4. Added 21 models to airbag.
    5. Added 25 models to read-write.
    6. Added 2 models to BCM.

    The following chips are added for Programer.

    STM32F302CB STM32F051R8 STM32F303RE STM32F030K6 STM32F070CB STM32F031C6
    STM32F030F4 STM32F303RC STM32F030C6 STM32F030R8 STM32F070F6 STM32F031E6
    STM32F030C8 STM32F030RC STM32F030CC STM32F070C6 STM32F070RB STM32F031F4
    STM32F031G4 STM32F031G6 STM32F031K4 STM32F031K6 STM32F051C4 STM32F051C6
    STM32F051C8 STM32F051K4 STM32F051K6 STM32F051K8 STM32F051R4 STM32F051R6
    STM32F051T8 STM32F071C8 STM32F071CB STM32F071RB STM32F071V8 STM32F071VB
    STM32F091CB STM32F091CC STM32F091RB STM32F091RC STM32F091VB STM32F091VC
    STM32F038C6 STM32F038E6 STM32F038F6 STM32F038G6 STM32F038K6 STM32F048C6
    STM32F048G6 STM32F048T6 STM32F058C8 STM32F058R8 STM32F058T8 STM32F078CB
    STM32F078RB STM32F078VB STM32F098CC STM32F098RC STM32F098VC STM32F042C4
    STM32F042C6 STM32F042F4 STM32F042F6 STM32F042G4 STM32F042G6 STM32F042K4
    STM32F042K6 STM32F042T6 STM32F042C8 STM32F072C8 STM32F072CB STM32F072R8
    STM32F072RB STM32F072V8 STM32F301C6 STM32F301C8 STM32F301K6 STM32F301K8
    STM32F301R6 STM32F301R8 STM32F302C6 STM32F302C8 STM32F302CC STM32F302K6
    STM32F302K8 STM32F302R6 STM32F302R8 STM32F302RB STM32F302RC STM32F302RD
    STM32F302RE STM32F302VB STM32F302VB STM32F302VC STM32F302VD STM32F302VE
    STM32F302ZD STM32F302ZE STM32F303C6 STM32F303C8 STM32F303CB STM32F303CC
    STM32F303K6 STM32F303K8 STM32F303R6 STM32F303R8 STM32F303RB STM32F303RD
    STM32F303VB STM32F303VD STM32F303VE STM32F303VE STM32F303ZD STM32F303ZE
    STM32F303VC STM32F318C8 STM32F318K8 STM32F328C8 STM32F358CC STM32F358RC
    STM32F358VC STM32F378CC STM32F378RC STM32F378VC STM32F398VE STM32F373C8
    STM32F373CB STM32F373CC STM32F373R8 STM32F373RB STM32F373RC STM32F373V8
    STM32F373VB STM32F373VC STM32F334C4 STM32F334C6 STM32F334C8 STM32F334K4
    STM32F334K6 STM32F334K8 STM32F334R6 STM32F334R8 STM32F031F6

    The following models are added for dashboard.

    • The following models are added for dashboard.
    • FOTON Times STM8S105C6T6
    • Honda Motor 150 24C02
    • Delong X5000 95640
    • Space WanShan Truck 24C04
    • Suzuki HaoJue 24LC04
    • Zotye Z300 2016- 9S12HY48
    • Chery Cowin 1 2012- 93C66
    • ChuFeng Electric car 9S12HY64
    • Shaanxi Auto XUANDE X9 2021- 9S12HY128
    • Zotye Electric Car 9S12HY48
    • Haima AiShang EV 2020- 24C02
    • JAC Double row truck 2014- 24C04
    • Xiao Peng G3 93C86
    • Ford MAVERICK 2007- 9S12H256
    • Condy K11 2015- 93LC86
    • CNHTC hohan 2021- 24C64
    • ChangAn New Leopard T3 2021- 24C04
    • Spring breeze Z6 24C08
    • JMC qiling T3 9S12HA32
    • JMC Transit R5F10DSKL
    • Shaanxi Auto Dragon M3000 2015- 93C66
    • SWM G05 24C04(24G04)
    • Big Dipper X5E 2017- 24C16
    • Nanjun Truck 2018- 24C04
    • FOTON SCENICRT 2015- 24C04
    • ChuFeng Van goods EV 2018- 24C08
    • DongFeng Liuqi Chenglong H7 24C08
    • TongLiZhongGong ZiXieChe 24C08(mileage)+24C08(times)
    • BAIC BeiQi Luba 2006- X5043
    • BAIC EX3 2019- 24C64(instrument)+95040(BCM)
    • DongFeng FuKang ES500 2019- 25040(25LC04)
    • LonKing Forklift 2019- 95640
    • Ford Transit 2008- 93C86
    • LOVOL Corn harvester 24C04(mileage)+24C04(times) Central Processing Unit
    • BAIC EC5 R500 2019-24C64(instrument)+95320(BCM)
    • Honda Motor EX125 24C04 V2
    • LOVOL Harvester (CPU module) 24C04(mileage)+24C04(times) V2
    • Hyundai santafe 2020- MB91F061BS
    • ChangAn RuiXing EM80 24C04
    • Geely XingYue 2019- 24C08
    • BAIC EX5 2019-24C64(instrument)+95320(BCM)
    • BAIC Saab Wisdom Way 210T 2020- 24C32(instrument) + 95320(BCM)
    • LOVOL Harvester 2021- 95640
    • SAIC Chase G50 2021- 24C16
    • BAIC weiwang 307 EV 2016- 24C02 V2
    • FOTON YuLing VQ1 2017- STM8S105C6
    • BAIC Weiwang M50F 2016- 24C04
    • Shaanxi Auto Henderson E9 9S12XHY128
    • Shaanxi Auto Henderson E9 24C04
    • JinBei Big sea lion 2015- 9S12HA48
    • BAIC BJ30 2017- 9S12XHY256(instrument)+95320(BCM)
    • FOTON kangrui K1 2021- 9S12HA32
    • VESPA bicycle 93C66
    • TRI-RING Ten links HAOLONG 9S12HZ128
    • Changhe Changhe 24C02
    • JMC BaoDian 2014- 9S12HA48
    • TRAUM S70 9S12HY64
    • JMC qiling T5 2018- 9S12HA32
    • FOTON Conrad K2 2020- 9S12HA32
    • Ward Harvester R5F10DPEJ(times)
    • Geely Emgrand GS 2020- 24C08
    • Spring breeze SR250 24C04
    • Chery Chery Son of the East 93C66
    • FuDi Lion F22 2017- 24C08
    • LEVDEO Electric car R5F10DPxxx
    • JieFang J6P 2018- 95640(Record)
    • Zotye T300 2019- 9S12HY64
    • BAIC Daoda V8 2017- 9S12HA32
    • JAC IEVS4(EV) 2019- 24C16
    • FOTON LOVOL 9S12ZVH128
    • Geely Boyue_2019- 24C08 V2
    • Iveco 得意 2018- 25160
    • HuangHai N2 Pickup 2019- 24C04
    • Ju Ming Corn harvester 688688 2021- 24C16
    • BMW motorcycle 160D0WT
    • KINGLONG New energy 2021- R5F10DPGJ

    The following models are added for airbag.

    • Nissan 28556 5JG0A 95128(H128)
    • Audi 8UD 959 655 A 95640
    • Nissan 28556 5JG0B 95128(H128)
    • PORSCHE 220244-114 95640(564WQ)
    • Geely 6600004260(643765600) XC2361A-72F
    • Nissan 98820 3JP0A 95128(H128)
    • Nissan 98820 5KX0A 95128(H128)
    • SouthEast J38580674 80A35A501 A3C0038770000 SPC560P40L1
    • Geely 6600097304 647711500 TC222-16F
    • Honda 77960-TEA-830-M4 SPC56AP54
    • Great Wall 3658120XKM01A TC222-16F
    • Honda 77960-TZA-H630-M1 TC234-32F
    • Nissan 98820-6LE0A 95128
    • Great Wall 3658130XPW01A TC222-16F
    • DongFeng 28556-2GV1A TC222-16F
    • Chery T19-J38580695 R7F701008
    • Volvo P31387019 95128
    • Chery J38580787 407000178AA R7F701008
    • Ford 1095757-00-C 25640
    • Jaguar EX53-14D374-AC XC2361E-72F
    • Honda 77960-TMB-H340-M4 SPC56AP54

    The following models are added for dashboard read-write.

    • Chevrilet LOVA 2009- 24C08(read write)
    • Shaanxi Auto Dragon X3000 2018- 93C86(read write)
    • SouthEast 80A35A202 01(J38580760) 25160(read write)
    • Mazda GW6T 57K30 95640(H640)(read write)
    • MAXUS 10774855-03 R7F701009(read write)
    • Audi 5QD 959 655B SPC560P50L3(read write)
    • JEEP 65355 364AB 95128(read write)
    • Hyundai 95910-S6500 XC2361A-72F(read write)
    • Nissan 98820 4DW2A TC222-16F(read write)
    • Chery 2031459 407000012AA R7F701008(read write)
    • Redflag 3607115-E16 A3C0243120000 R7F701008(read write)
    • Benz A117 900 3801 95256(read write)
    • BYD AUTO HADF-3658100 A2C18802900 R7F701008(read write)
    • Volvo P31476261 95640(H640)(read write)
    • LYNK&CO 8889299534B R7F701330(read write)
    • Honda 77960-TZA-H840-M1 TC234-32F(read write)
    • Toyota 89170-F4420 R7F701A223(read write)
    • Land Rover LK72-14D374-AC R7F7010643(read write)
    • Toyota 89170-07530 TC234-32F(read write)
    • Benz A447 900 10 10 95256(read write)
    • Chery 407000137AA 680377100 XC2336A-72F(read write)
    • Roewe 10821266-01 R7F701009(read write)
    • Toyota 89170-07570 R7F701A223(read write)
    • BMW 65.77-9348727-01 95128(read write)
    • Mazda BR9 N57 K30 95080(read write)

    The car body is repaired and the model is added.

    • GM Buick D70F3558(read write)
    • Land Rover BCM 9S12XEP768(read write)

    CG100 PROG III Full Version Package List:

    1. 1pc x CG PRO III Programmer
    2. 1pc x BDM+4 Adapter
    3. 1pc x CAN Adapter
    4. 12pcs x Welding Line
    5. 1pc x USB Cable
    6. 1pc x 12V Power Supply
    7. 1pc x ATMEGA Adapter
    8. 1pc x EEPROM Adapter
    9. 1pc x AVR Adapter
    10. 1pc x AVR V2.0 Adapter
    11. 1pc x EEPROM-SO Adapter
    12. 1pc x FLASH Adapter

    Data sheet


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    CGDI CG100 Standard Version Device

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