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    Smartobd can fd adapter
    Smartobd can fd adapter
    Smartobd can fd adapter

    Smartobd can fd adapter

    (Review 0)

    Smartobd can fd adapter Diagcar

    SMARTOBD CAN FD ADAPTER supported CAN FD protocol. from Diag car 
    Diagnostic and crash data repair by CAN FD on table.
    Simple connection and very easy for use.

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    EU3234363840424446USXX5XSSMLXLXXLXXLArm Length6161,56262,56363,56464,5Bust Circumference8084889296101106111Waist Girth6165697377828792Hip Circumference87919599103108113118

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    Smartobd can fd adapter

    can fd adapter

    Diagnostic and crash data repair by CAN FD on table.
    Simple connection and very easy for use.

    Many new cars want CAN FD protocols: KIA, Hyundai, GM, Ford, VAG, Volvo and more



    Hyundai,Continental, 95910-CH310 R7F7015803
    Hyundai,Continental, 95910-CJ310 R7F7015803
    Hyundai,Continental, 95910-CW000 R7F7015803
    Hyundai,Continental, 95910-CW100 R7F7015803
    Hyundai,Continental, 95910-CZ000 R7F7015803
    Hyundai,Continental, 95910-K5000 R7F7015803

    can fd adapter

    KIA,Continental, 95910-N7010 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-N7030 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-N7050 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-N7070 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-N9000 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-N9010 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-N9050 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-N9060 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-N9080 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-N9110 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-P0000 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-P0010 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-P0100 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-P0110 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-P1310 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-P1320 R7F7015803
    KIA,Continental, 95910-R2320 R7F7015803

    89170-08110 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-08210 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-08230 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-0A100 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-0A140 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-0C660 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-0C670 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-0DE20 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,
    89170-0DF30 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,
    89170-0DF40 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,
    89170-0DF50 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,
    89170-0H220 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,
    89170-16180 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-28480 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-42F10 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-42690 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-42700 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-48E30 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-52Q10 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,
    89170-52Q20 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,
    89170-52Q70 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,
    89170-52P60 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-52P70 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-60D70 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-60D80 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-60F90 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-78150 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016443,
    89170-K0010 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,
    89170-K0060 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,
    89170-K0070 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,
    89170-K0080 (CANFD on bench), R7F7016843,

    How to install can fd adapter

    1. Connect Your CAN FD ADAPTER to SmartOBD.
    2. Run AST CAN software and wait for update FW to v2.5
    3. Select KIA or HYUNDAI ( CAN FD ) and click "do it" button.
    4. Wait for "CAN FD Adapter Connected ... ok"
    5. Your CAN FD Adapter ready for use.


    One CAN FD Adapter can work just with one SmartOBD CAN Tool.
    You can not exchange to other hardware.

    Diag Car

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    Smartobd can fd adapter

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    Smartobd can fd adapter