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    Ultrasonic Cleaner 360L UAE
    Ultrasonic Cleaner 360L UAE
    Ultrasonic Cleaner 360L UAE
    Ultrasonic Cleaner 360L UAE

    Ultrasonic Cleaner 360L UAE

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    Ultrasonic Cleaner 360L Metal UAE

     Ultrasonic Cleaner uae is a safe and efficient modern procedure, which ensures perfect cleaning within the shortest time possible. it has many advantages over ordinary cleaning methods. Ultrasonics can remove even the most tenacious deposits from parts which would be difficult to reach by hand, it also reduces the risk of injury or infection which may occur during manual cleaning.

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    Ultrasonic  Cleaner 360L Metal UAE

    An ultrasonic cleaner with a 360L capacity, specifically designed for metal mould degreasing, is a powerful tool for industrial cleaning tasks. Here are some key points and considerations for such a machine:

    1. Capacity: The 360L capacity indicates the volume of the tank where the cleaning action takes place. This size is suitable for cleaning larger metal molds or multiple smaller ones simultaneously.

    2. Ultrasonic Cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaners use high-frequency sound waves to create microscopic cavitation bubbles in a cleaning solution. These bubbles implode, generating intense localized energy that effectively cleans intricate parts, including metal molds.

    3. Application - Metal Mould Degreasing: Metal molds often accumulate oils, residues, and contaminants during use. An ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for removing these substances from the surfaces and crevices of the mold without causing damage.

    4. Features to Consider:

      • Frequency: Higher frequencies (like 40 kHz) are generally more effective for fine cleaning tasks on metal surfaces.
      • Power: The power rating determines the intensity of cleaning action. Higher power can handle tougher contaminants.
      • Temperature Control: Some units offer heating elements to control the temperature of the cleaning solution, which can enhance cleaning effectiveness.
      • Timer: Allows precise control over the cleaning cycle duration.
    5. Cleaning Solution: Choosing the right cleaning solution is crucial. Depending on the type of contaminants (grease, oil, etc.), selecting an appropriate solvent or detergent ensures optimal cleaning results without harming the molds.

    6. Safety Considerations: Ultrasonic cleaners involve the use of chemicals and high-frequency vibrations. Ensure that operators are trained in handling chemicals safely and that the machine meets all safety standards.

    7. Maintenance: Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the tank and ensuring proper functioning of transducers (the components generating ultrasonic waves), prolongs the machine's lifespan and maintains cleaning efficiency.

    8. Cost and ROI: Consider the initial cost of the machine, ongoing maintenance, and the potential savings from improved cleaning efficiency and reduced labor costs.

    Overall, a 360L ultrasonic cleaner designed for metal mould degreasing is a valuable investment for industries requiring precise, efficient cleaning of molds to maintain product quality and production efficiency.


    • Capacity: 360 liters
    • Frequency: 40 kHz / 28 kHz
    • Inner Tank Material: SUS304
    • Outer Layer Material: SUS304
    • Inner Tank Dimensions: 1000 mm (L) x 600 mm (W) x 600 mm (H)
    • Basket Dimensions: 950 mm (L) x 550 mm (W) x 550 mm (H)
    • Overall Dimensions: Approximately 1200 mm (L) x 1200 mm (W) x 1100 mm (H)
    • Export Wooden Box Dimensions: Approximately 1350 mm (L) x 1350 mm (W) x 1250 mm (H)
    • Ultrasonic Power: 0-4320watts (adjustable)
    • Heating Power: 9000 watts
    • Timer: 0-99 minutes (adjustable)
    • Temperature Control: 0-95°C (adjustable)
    • Filtration Cycle: Triple-cycle filtration system
    • Power Supply: 220V
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    Ultrasonic Cleaner 360L UAE
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    Ultrasonic Cleaner 360L UAE