Magic FLS0.5MMagic FLS0.5M - Full Flex SW Master Package
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Buy Autel Maxisys Ultra Online in Dubai, UAE | Al-MuhandesAUTEL MaxiSys Ultra
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  • Alientech

    Welcome to our website , your authorized dealer for Alientech products. Alientech is a renowned leader in the automotive tuning industry, offering cutting-edge solutions for ECU remapping and chiptuning. Explore our comprehensive range of Alientech tools, including KessV2,KessV3 and K-TAG, designed to optimize engine performance, fuel efficiency, and overall vehicle dynamics. Our Alientech products are known for their reliability, user-friendly interfaces, and extensive vehicle compatibility. Whether you're a professional tuner or a car enthusiast, Alientech tools provide the power and flexibility to unlock the full potential of your vehicle. Enhance your tuning capabilities and experience exceptional performance with our genuine Alientech products.


    Welcome to our website, your trusted supplier of Autel products. Autel is a leading global provider of innovative diagnostic and automotive service tools. Explore our extensive selection of Autel scanners, including the popular MaxiSys and MaxilM series, designed to empower mechanics and technicians with advanced diagnostic capabilities. Our Autel products offer comprehensive vehicle coverage, user-friendly interfaces, and real-time data readings, making them indispensable tools for efficient and accurate troubleshooting. Whether you're a professional in the automotive industry or a car owner looking for DIY solutions, our genuine Autel products are built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Elevate your diagnostic experience and take control of vehicle maintenance with our authentic Autel tools.

  • Autool
    • Desertcart: Desertcart offers a wide range of Autool products including battery testers, smoke leak detectors, fuel injector cleaners, and more. They provide international shipping and various payment options, making it convenient to buy Autool tools from anywhere in the UAE. You can explore their Autool product range here (Desertcart)​.

  • AutoTuner

    Welcome to AutoTuner: Empowering Your Drive

    At AutoTuner, we believe in enhancing your driving experience to the fullest. With cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, we specialize in crafting top-of-the-line automotive tuning solutions tailored for your vehicle's optimum performance. Our expert team of engineers and technicians is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation, ensuring that you enjoy a smoother, more powerful, and fuel-efficient ride.

  • BitBox

    Welcome to our website, your premier destination for BitBox products. BitBox is a renowned brand in the automotive tuning industry.

  • Diag Car

    DiagCar is a company specializing in automotive diagnostic tools and services, focusing on providing equipment for professional use in vehicle maintenance and repair. Their product range includes tools for airbag service, EEPROM programming, immobilizer services, key programming, and various diagnostic adapters and software.

  • Dimsport

    Dimsport is a leading brand in the automotive performance tuning industry, renowned for its innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology. With a focus on enhancing engine performance and optimizing vehicle efficiency, Dimsport offers a wide range of products and services tailored for both enthusiasts and professionals. Their advanced tuning tools and software empower automotive enthusiasts to unleash the full potential of their vehicles, ensuring a thrilling driving experience. Trusted by car enthusiasts and mechanics worldwide, Dimsport continues to set industry standards through its expertise and dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive performance.

  • Launch

    Launch Tech Dubai: This is an authorized distributor of LAUNCH TECH CO Ltd, offering a wide range of diagnostic tools and garage equipment, including the X-431 Pad, X-431 Pro, and CRP series. They provide comprehensive support and updates for their products. For more information, you can visit their official website (Launch Tech Dubai)​​ (Launch Tech Dubai)​.

  • Magic Motorsports

    Magic Motorsport offers advanced automotive solutions and tools for mechatronic workshops. They are well-known for their cutting-edge ECU (Engine Control Unit) and TCU (Transmission Control Unit) programming tools, particularly their flagship product, FLEX. FLEX supports a variety of programming methods including OBD, Bench, BDM, Bootloader, JTAG, and AUD, making it a versatile tool for professionals​ (MAGICMOTORSPORT Official Website)​​ (MAGICMOTORSPORT Official Website)​​ (MAGICMOTORSPORT Official Website)​.

  • Microtronik

    Hexprog is the professional tool you will need to repair, clone and make chip tuning for a wide range of Ecus/Tcus. The price of Hexprog is the most affordable price comparing to the other professional tools in the market,


    Desertcart UAE: Desertcart offers a variety of OBDeleven products, providing a secure shopping platform with international shipping. They stock products like the OBDeleven NextGen Bluetooth Diagnostic Code Reader, which allows in-depth diagnostics and car customization using a mobile app. You can visit their OBDeleven product page here (Desertcart)​.

  • Qnix

    Al Muhandes Workshop Equipment: Al Muhandes offers a wide range of advanced diagnostic tools and workshop equipment, including Qnix products. They provide quality service and support, ensuring you have access to reliable tools for your workshop needs. You can visit their website for more information on available products and services here (Al Muhandes workshop equipment Company)​.

  • Swiftec

    Swiftec Software allows the end user to get the maximum control of modern combustion, electric and hybrid engines, transmissions and battery electronic modules and its subsystems used in vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorbikes, tractors or boats to accomplish different special or daily vehicles aftermarket service tasks!

  • Wuhan Brown

    Our company is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of automotive engine cleaning and exhaust treatment equipment. With a number of national patents, with complete intellectual property rights. The company adheres to the business philosophy of green, environmental protection, circular and sustainable development, adheres to customer demand-oriented, scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, and pursues the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction as the code of conduct for all employees. The complete set of equipment developed and produced by the company for auto M station includes: Ternary steam cleaner, auto dry ice decarburizer, micro molecule decarburizer, automobile exhaust treatment machine, diesel car SCR catalytic converter cleaner, DPF cleaner and the supporting cleaning agent products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification and European CE certification. It has been exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Europe, Europe, Australia and Asia, realizing perfect docking with all models on the market, and the quality of products and services has been the satisfaction of the majority of users.

  • Xtooltech

    Al Muhandes workshop Equip is one of  the official and Authorized Distributor for Shenzhen Xtooltech Co., Ltd  Scanners and Diagnostic Tools in United Arab Emirates

    AMT is also reasonable and respected dealer of Xtooltech Scanners

    for Garage owners hopes and personal users who search to buy Excellent car scanner and diagnostic tools , Xtool  Diagnostic tool is the best choice , so such costly and sensitive devise must be bought from Xtool official dealer

    Al Muhandes workshop Equip has been the largest distributors for many years now and awarder by Xtool the largest seller of Xtool  scanner in the GCC Countries as well

    so diagnostic scanner has to be bought from the right channels to get the enough support, warranty and after sales follow-up and upgrades

    Al Muhandes is stocking bulk quantity of Xtool  devises and make the scanners available for you at any time and at any location, modeles like XTOOL X100 PAD2 Pro , Xtool H6Pro,Xtool H6Pro II ,XTOOL D9 Pro